Brief Update on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It now appears that Sen. Reid will be bringing a motion to proceed on the immigration debate next Tuesday, June 26 at 11:30 am.  Note that the new number for the bill is S. 1639 (and not S 1348).  If it passes, this triggers a 30 hour period for debate.  More details on the arcane procedures being considered should be shared on the call.  The likelihood of the bill getting to a final vote took a hit today when Sen. Hutchison (R-TX) announced that she would oppose the motion to proceed.  As advocates and Grand Bargainers lobby Senators to support the motion, anxiety is growing over how close a vote this will be.  In an interview earlier this week. Sen. McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader (R-KY), expressed reservations about voting for the bill, despite his close relationship with the President and his past statements about the need for a bill this year.