Breaking News: House Judiciary Committee Calls for Investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

arpaio-march-22Today, the House Judiciary Committe released a letter to Janet Napolitano and the Attorney General, calling on the Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.  And I couldn't be happier. Last week, Sheriff "Arpayaso" reached a new low, when he paraded over 200 immigrant detainees to a "tent city", surrounded by electric fences, shackled and forced to wear striped prison uniforms. This move, a horrofic publicity stunt that used people as props, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sheriff Joe's Human Rights and Civil Rights abuses.

It is high time that this maniac be held accountable for his actions. As Frank Sharry of America's Voice wrote today on the Huffington Post:

Arpaio is a modern day Bull Connor and his publicity-seeking crusades have made the Latino community scared and Maricopa County less safe by prioritizing racial profiling over executing the felony warrants that have piled up on his desk. His most recent scheme, rounding up immigrants and shipping them off to separate "tent cities," is just the latest in a career filled with dangerous and anti-Latino demagoguery.

It is also great news to hear that the Judiciary Committee is recommending an investigation of the 287(g) agreement between DHS and Maricopa County - it is this agreement that gives Arpaio the ability to enforce Federal immigration law, but not "to create mini Gitmos".

The letter was sent from the office of Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and stated:

"Racial profiling and segregation are simply not acceptable." said Conyers. "Media stunts and braggadocio are no substitute for fair and effective law enforcement."

Arpaio must be stopped, before his brand of hate is normalized and becomes an acceptable form of "law enforcement". He is not just an isolated rogue, but rather the pulse of the racist anti-immigrant movement that is working to dehumanize immigrants and strip them of their rights.

For more on this, check out and sign onto the petition from America's Voice.