Border Angels Update- stop the deaths on the border

Thanks to Enrique Morones for this Border Angels update. Border Angels is a humanitarian volunteer organization that works to stop the deaths along the border in the Imperial Valley. Border Angels has been saving lives for over twenty years now, and they continue to do important work. Here is an update of upcoming events and ways to help, no matter where you in the country: 


May 5th (Cinco de Mayo Ninos Heroes)10:00 AM

Pilgrimage to Holtville (Imperial Valley, California) to pay homage to today’s “ninos heroes” the 5000 plus migrant that have died crossing form the Mexico to the US (since the failed operation gatekeeper began October 1994)  At least one third are unidentified and 500 of them are buried in Holtville. Unidentified, but not forgotten. We will leave from Pantoja Park 1000am this Saturday, return 400pm ) please RSVP via this medium. We will place crosses and flowers on graves.

May 13th Mothers Day Moment of Silence (Sunset)

Remember the McArthur Park LA Police Brutality on peaceful May 1st  march…we will not stand down….we ask nation to have moment of silence to remember LAPD Brutality…as well as the ICE RAIDS TERRORSIM….and OPERATION GATEKEEPER MASS MURDER of 5000 plus human beings (since October 1994) We join national call for independent investigations. NO SOMOS CRIMINALES, NADIE ES ILEGAL, NI UNA MUERTE OR REDADA MAS…DEMANDAMOS REFORMA HUMANA, YA !

May 19th   Border Field State Park Vigil 1200 noon

Remember the one year anniversary of the assassination of Oscar Garcia Barrios mistakenly murdered by customs May 18th which closed down San Ysidro/Tijuana Border Crossing 8 hours. We will also remember the 10year anniversary of the murder of 18 year old sheppard Esiquiel Hernandez in Redford Texas by US Marines . We will also remember the more than 5000 people that have died, 15.000 people incapacitated and thousands missing since the fatal and failed operation gatekeeper began in October of 1994. We will be joined by our brethren on Mexican side of border, including the family of Oscar Garcia Barrios. (we demand justice as Guillermo Martinez 12/31/05 & Oscar Garcia Barrios 05/18/06 cases still pending)

Please join us and or help our all volunteer group as will also begin our summer water distribution and need to pay for permits for some activities listed

FOR donations or more information:

BORDER ANGELS PO BOX 86598 San Diego CA 92138 (619) 269-7865 WWW.BORDERANGELS.ORG

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