Border agents speak: No confidence in border chief who won't protect them

Yesterday, the leaders of the Border Patrol Agents voted a unanimous no-confidence resolution against Chief David Aguilar. They're main concern? A lack of oversight of the border? No. Over militarization of their profession as well as the hundreds of communities and thousands of residents along the border? NO. Human rights infractions? Nope, try again. A lack of protection for border agents accused of civil and human rights abuses? BINGO. The border patrol agents are turning against their leader and chief for not protecting them against what they believe are "perjured allegations" from undocumented migrants. Surprisingly, this comes during a time where many believe that the patrol has never been better funded or staffed, in large part thanks to the chief's supervision. Read the rest of the story HERE

This vote comes on the heels of murder charges against a border patrol agent in Cochise county, three months after he shot and killed Francisco Javier Dominguez Rivera, 22 of Puebla, Mexico on Jan. 12 about 150 yards north of the border between Bisbee and Douglas. In addition, the Mexican government is calling for the investigation of the murder of another migrant by a border agent. This time the murder was caught on tape, and was brought to light by a leak to the media and the internet. You can read the story and view the tape (warning- it is a bit graphic)- HERE

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