beware the ICE man

Most people are afraid of the boogeyman, Freddy or Jason. For some children in Idaho, the ICE man is the real terror. Groups throughout Idaho are questioning night raids on homes and communities in Central Idaho.

"It is clear that ICE agents terrorized the community, including U.S. citizen children who were sleeping when the raid occurred," said Leo Morales, a community organizer for ICAN, at a meeting Tuesday in Hailey. "In several homes, children were left crying as ICE agents interrogated parents and hauled them away."

Agents are allegedly entering homes- armed- without warrants.

"They pounded on my door so hard that my walls shook," said Dana Ayala. "My 19-year-old son opened the door to see what was happening, and six agents armed with guns, Tasers and flashlights pushed their way into my home."

Ayala said she and her children are U.S. citizens, and that her husband, a native of Mexico, has legal residency in the United States.

She said agents told her they were looking for a sexual predator with a Hispanic surname, a person she had never heard of before.

"I've not heard that anybody had a warrant," said Jack Van Valkenburgh, executive director of ACLU of Idaho. "I'm trying to get the word out. You don't need to let (the agents) in if they don't have a warrant. I don't think that a lot of people understand their rights."

Who wants to live in a country where officers, armed to the nines, can enter your home in the middle of the night without a warrant? ... This isn't just disgusting, it's unamerican, undemocratic, and wrong. We don't want them tapping our phones, then we don't want them busting down our doors.

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