Betrayed Indian Guest Workers Continue their Fight

Click here to read the NYTimes article about the continued Hunger Strike of Indian Guest Workers who were betrayed by Signal International.

Since May 14, 5 of the 16 workers who participated in the hunger strike have been hospitalized. Mr. Konar fasted the longest, taking no food for 23 days until Thursday, when he was hospitalized with abdominal pain. He was released in the evening.

The Indian workers, among 100 or so who left their jobs in March, were taken to Signal shipyards in Pascagoula and in Orange, Tex., in late 2006 and early 2007. They said they lived in sweltering labor camps, crowded 24 workers to a room, under curfew and restricted from leaving the yards, with $1,050 a month deducted from their paychecks for their upkeep.

They said they learned only after they were here that they would not receive visas, known as green cards, to remain in this country. In March, the workers brought a federal lawsuit against Signal and the recruiters, claiming they were defrauded and exploited.