Bailouts All Around!

Yesterday, I posted about the extra money being doled out to complete the border wall (while we're in the midst of a giant financial crisis nonetheless).

Well, as it turns out, Wall Street isn't the only institution being bailed out - so is the Department of Homeland Security, to the tune of $4 billion.

To get the full scope of what is going on, check out Prerna's great post at No to Borders and Binaries.

Seems like it is bailout season all-round. Just say no! Congress is now bailing out DHS as well from going overbudget. How much? Not some thousands, not some millions, no, just about $4 billion. NB: How many children can that kind of money feed?

I cannot fathom how the most powerful country in the world goes over-budget and spends more than it has allocated for projects like building a border wall. Costs of materials increased? Please, when you are asking Congress for funding, don’t you account for inflation and annual cost increases? Or does the DHS have poor economists on staff, (much like poor IJs)?

Maybe they had hoped to get some ‘illegals’ to build the border wall and cut costs in that manner. At any time, the government is the largest employer of undocumented immigrants alas, the increased scrutiny probably dampened those plans.

Be sure to scroll down and see the pictures of what the proposed border fences will look like.

Wait, you are telling me THESE fences are worth millions of dollars and supposed to ‘keep out’ illegal immigrants? I used to climb higher walls at age 7 !!

This project has gotten so ridiculous that I honestly have no words. That never happens.