Atrocious New Asylum Policies Condemn Innocent Lives

Atrocious New Asylum Policies Condemn Innocent Lives

WASHINGTON, DC— Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the statement below after the announcement that the Trump administration will stop granting asylum to victims of domestic violence or gang violence:

“Closing our border to women and families fleeing domestic and gang violence is inhuman and evil—the antithesis of our American values. Such policies are reflective of an Administration stacked with privileged white men who cannot fathom the journey these families have made for safety and freedom. It is like signing a death sentence for millions. It is turning our back on those seeking refuge in exchange for a whiter America.

Jeff Sessions is using his power as Attorney General to close every path of relief for immigrants, inflicting trauma on innocent lives every single day. This level of xenophobia can only be stopped by coming together, denouncing their divisive politics that pit us against one another and electing representatives who share our values of unity and equality. Together we can course-correct the path our country is on and create a future where we are all free.”


FIRM Admin