As battle for CIR continues, Tennessee continues to fight on the state level for immigrant rights

The State Legislature of Tennessee certainly put a good fight against immigrants this legislative cycle. State legislators have introduced 44 anti-immigrant bills! Tennessee is one fo the leading new gateway states for immigrants to settle, and this level of political anti-immigrant jockeying is a clear warning sign for immigrant communities throughout the state. Fortunately, the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition has been fighting a MIGHTY hard battle to bring community values to the center of state politics. Thus far, only 2 of the 44 bills have passed. And those bills that have passed are not nearly the worst of the group of legislation. This is a great success- though they are quick to remind me that the state legislative session isn't quite yet over this year, they've already put up an amzing stand for immigrant rights, and they are a leader among states.

As Colorado, Georgia and Oklahoma have already passed frighteningly tough legislation on immigrant communities, we hope that other new gateway states will look towards Tennessee and TIRRC's example of leadership. For more on their fight go HERE