Arpaio's Abuse: Marching the Streets in Chains

Yesterday, Sheriff Joe Arpaio hit a new low, marching over 200 immigrant detainees through the streets of Phoenix, shackled, in striped uniforms, surrounded by elecrtic fences and with signs mocking how many miles to their country of origin. I've already said enough on how truly despicable this spectacle is and below is a video that makes my case for me. Truly inhumane - its unbelievable that this is happening on our own soil. The President shut down Guantanamo for exactly this reason - we can't allow this type of abuse in our country. [youtube]

Be sure to SIGN the PETITION demanding a Department of Justice investigation into Arpaio's racist and hateful practices. The is just another symptom of a broken system in dire need of comprehensive reform. We must address the system as a whole, otherwise idiotic egomaniacs like Arpaio will continue their tirades of abuse.