April 10th! Communities across the country rise up!

Yesterday, President Bush recapped his immigration proposal at a speech in Yuma, ArizonaTo see the speech, click here Today, dozens of communities across the nation are holding educational forums, town hall meetings, marches, actions and other events calling for true immigration reform.  One that acknowledges the contributions of immigrants to this nation that upholds the working and civil rights of all Americans, and that would ensure a fair path to citizenship for America's undocumented immigrants. Join the action at: www.april10.org

What's wrong with the President's statement? 

1)  He chose to not acknowledge a secretive proposal that leaked to the press on March 29 that describes the kind of immigration program his Administration is contemplating.  Not only does it dismantle the nation's family immigration system, it undermines worker protections, imposes excessive fees and threatens to create a permanent underclass of quasi-legal immigrant workers with no path to citizenship.  To see the White House plan and a summary of it, click here. 

2)  He celebrated his Administration's policy on worksite raids, in which hundreds of children have been turned into orphans as their hard working parents have been arrested, detained and in some cases deported, often without legal recourse, judicial review or a fair hearing.  In these raids, even the rights of US Citizens have been trampled due to rampant racial profiling and unnecessarily harsh treatment. 

3)  He also ignored his Administration's policies and practices on detention.  Whole families, including children, are being held in detention camps, jails and prisons, waiting on decisions to be made about their futures either here in the United States or in their nations of origin.  Such practices are unnecessary, particularly since the Administration has chosen not to utilize alternatives to detention and incarceration that would be a far more humane approach to dealing with immigrants that have otherwise done nothing wrong. On April 10th, join thousands of Americans - immigrants and citizens alike - who are calling for a truly fair, just and humane comprehensive immigration reform law. 

Get the FIRM press statement HERE