Anti-Immigrant Measures FAIL in Oregon

causaCongratulations to our partners at CAUSA Oregon! Thanks to their great work and the great work of other community organizations across the state, two anti-immigrant ballot measure failed to pass during Tuesday's election. Ballot Measure 58 would have prohibited teaching a public school student in a language other than English for more than two years. Ballot Measure 60 would have placed unfair requirements on teachers and their salaries.

Ballot Measures 58 and 60 Fail

CAUSA is thrilled to announce that for the second time in less than a decade, Oregonians have rejected Bill Sizemore’s dangerous attacks on Oregon teachers and classrooms.

Oregonians were able to see Sizemore’s vague measures for what they really are—poorly written, unpopular ideas that would have had negative consequences for Oregon classrooms.

Teachers, parents, school advocates, and immigrant rights  and community organizations from around the state raised their voices loud and clear on these measures, and voters agreed that decisions about children’s education should be made by the people closest to the classroom.

CONGRATS to everyone who helped to defeat the measures. Its so inspiring to hear all of the stories of direct democracy in action from around the country.