Anti-Immigrant, Anti-worker

Business owners might worry the paperwork is fake, and wouldn't know how to verify it.

"What kind of position is that putting the small business owner in Missouri (into)? We would say a very difficult one," he said.

Governor Blunt's (MO) plan to hunt immigrants in MO has yielded few results, and much anxiety for communities, businesses and workers in the state.

It makes us pose the question- what do we get when we pass anti-immigrant legislation? We racially profile latinos as criminals. We make it difficult for small businesses to function. AND we rarely improve the public safety or function of our local areas.

So why do conservatives push anti-immigrant legislation? Political grandstanding? A desire for power? Fear? Scapegoating of immigrants? None of these reasons seem to make a hard sell for anti-immigrant legislation in our states and our towns. Anything I'm missing?