Another state joins fight against REAL ID - Real nightmare

Many have heard of the infamous Real ID Act, but it is only within the last few months that the electorate has awoken to the real nightmare that this unworkable piece of legislation embodies. And we are fighting back... The Real ID act is an unfunded mandate on states that calls for the establishment of unreasonable new standards for the issuing of driver's licenses and state IDs. It would cost each state MILLIONS of state tax dollars (the figures are clear) to implement these new standards that would not ensure any increase in public safety. In fact, in states where it would prohibit drivers certificates to immigrants it might actually HURT public safety. Moreover, the new requirements of identification are a major attack on our rights to privacy as US citizens.

Find more information on the legislation HERE. And get resources for your community HERE.

Get more info on the impact of the act from the ACLU's incredible site:

Another VICTORY!

The Montana state legislature joined Maine in telling Congress that they will not accept this legislation. Get the story HERE.