Another Raid in Hawaii: Where's that Border Wall?

In July, I posted on a workplace raid in Oahu, Hawaii:

Yesterday, 43 migrants were arrested in O'ahu, Hawaii. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents raided Oasis Apartments, a complex in Waipahu.

Those arrested worked for an agricultural company called The Farms. All of those arrested were Mexican migrants.

So, Chertoff, shall we build a wall around Hawaii now?

Funny, because apparently there have been more raids in Hawaii recently, and Manúel at Latino Politico seems to have an even better solution than my proposed border wall!

Hawaii's borders are broken, therefore the United States must defend its sovereignty by deploying bazooka-wielding dolphins along the shores of the 50th state of the union.

Thanks, Manúel, I needed a laugh after my last two posts.