Another Elected Official Speaking Out against ICE

Last week, we heard Senator Robert Menendez's scathing criticism of the government's immigration policy. Menendez noted that the immigration debate had become:

“more than a legal issue – it becomes a human rights issue, and it is our job to do all we can to secure our country while protecting the dignity of all human beings. If we fail to do so, not only do we blemish ourselves, but we lose the moral high ground to be a beacon of democracy and a leader in human rights around the world.”

This week, another elected official is speaking out. Representative Barbara Lee of Oakland, California has lashed out at ICE. This came on the heels of a raid last month in Oakland and Berkeley that caused widespread panic in the area.

"I am concerned that these intimidation tactics are, quite frankly, inhumane," Lee said. "Some, I think, could be politically motivated. And they are all, I think, totally unacceptable."

It seems that elected officials are also fed up with the inhumane treatment of immigrants. More people are waking up to the cruelty and inhumanity being issued from the federal level of our government.

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