And you thought Imus was bad...

Radio personalities reach a new low in New Jersey- "Under the offensive name, “La Cuca Gotcha,” a popular local radio show is asking its audience to turn in illegal immigrants who live in New Jersey to federal authorities.

The campaign was launched on February 6, and according to a website comment, during its first week authorities became aware of 177 cases that they are now investigating.

The purpose of the campaign “La Cuca Gotcha,” a reference to catching cockroaches, according to the commentators, “Jersey Guys” Craig Carton and Ray Rossi of WKXWNJ 101.5 FM, is to “make New Jersey a safe state, legally reporting and deporting illegal immigrants who live within the Garden State.” " -- Read the full article HERE

If anyone from New Jersey has any updates on this story first covered in March PLEASE send them - --Otherwise, you can still call in and let the radio station know what you think: Eric Johnson, Program Director, WKXWNJ 101.5 FM tel:  1-800-283-1015 or email:

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