An international perspective on undocumented migration

17_juin_sanspap.jpg America is big. Working on migrant rights in this HUGE country can be so consuming that we as advocates don't always have the time to connect with other immigrants rights organizations around the globe. However, most of the opportunities that we do have to connect are usually rich and full with the realization that the movement we are in is, in its deepest core, a truly transnational struggle that unites humans beyond country, politics and creed. 

FIRM is committed to lifting up the struggles and actions of not only grassroots organizers in America, but across the world.

One interesting group is PICUM - The Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants - "a non-governmental organization that aims to promote for respect for the human rights of undocumented immigrants in Europe. PICUM also seeks dialogue with organizations and networks with similar concerns in other parts of the world."

PICUM has a new report "Undocumented Migrants Have Rights" Check it out HERE

Do you know of other international immigrant rights organizations out there?