American Nightmare - the trampling of our rights

You are lying asleep in your bedroom in a quiet neighborhood, dreaming about what tomorrow holds- when suddenly *BANG BANG* strangers are shouting in your living room and barrelling through your home straight towards your room- your first thought is where is my grandmother? where is my little brother? The next thing you know men dressed in heavy black armored gear are breaking into your bedroom with flashlights blazing, and throats screaming. All you can do is freeze, in fear. They leave to move into your mother's room, stripping off her covers and ordering her to move... the terror rips through your family home, and you are left scared and alone, not wanting to know what will happen next.

No, this isn't an all too familiar house raid in Iraq, filmed by army cameras and displayed on cnn thousands of times. It's a house raid in East Hampton, NY.

How did these police enter your home and destroy your peace? They used a warrant, NOT approved by a judge of the court with evidence of criminal wrong doing. No, some immigration officer, acting alone without a mechanism of accountability, simply signed a piece of paper to search your house- no judicial review, no burden of proof.

Ok, but how did they have the right to rip through the entire house without question? Well, your grandmother opened the door when she heard the screaming outside- and under this type of warrant the officers had free reign over your property questioning whomever they pleased, whereever they pleased - trampling over your flowers, your coffee table, and your rights as an American citizen.

Yes, american citizen.

This scenario isn't a fiction- it's a real nightmare from the lives of just ONE American family in East Hampton, NY, ALL taxpaying, law-abiding american citizens (read the full account HERE). And this scenario is being replicated in private family homes in suburbs across the country. Immigration officers are using warrants that undergo NO judicial review and NO accountability mechanism- and they are given free reign over private properties to search, terrorize and destroy whatever they find there.

I have to ask, is this our country? We can't allow these raids to continue! Now is the time to ACT, and stand FIRM for justice in our homes.