Amendments to Farm Bill may deny some immigrants access to food stamps

Though S. 1348, STRIVE and their counterparts are off the table for now, there is still plenty of federal legislation concerning immigrants that we need to track and move our members on. Thanks to NCLR for this update on the upcoming Farm Bill:

Several King Amendments will be offered during the House Agriculture Committee's Consideration of the Farm Bill. Things are progressing quite quickly, so its very likely that they could come up today or tomorrow.   

Description of Amendments

King I - Continues to restrict access to legal immigrants who entered the country in an undocumented status.  

King II - Repeals the restorations of food stamps advanced in 2002 with bipartisan support.   This would severely restrict access for legal immigrants.  In fact, the majority of legal immigrants would be restricted from seeking access to the program.  To put this into perspective, several hundred thousand legal immigrants came on to the food stamps program in the years immediately following the restorations.  

It will be difficult to get in touch with members of the committee, but to extent that you can contact these offices and note your opposition, now is the time.  It is important to alert offices off the committee that these could move and ask them to weigh in with members.