Aliens in America

aliensinamerica.jpg Just the other week I finally got to see an episode of "Aliens in America" - the show on CW where a Wisconsin family has welcomed a foreign, pakistani, student into their home. the premise is simple, the caricatures are major (could the father's beer belly under his packer's sweater be any bigger?). Wondering if you've seen this show, and what you think....

from an interview with the co-creator:

Let's talk about the origins of "Aliens in America." You come up with this great idea about focusing on teenage life in Wisconsin with a dorky high school kid and, oh yeah, a Pakistani Muslim exchange student. How the heck does this happen?

DAVID: [Laughs.] You know it's always a hard question to answer. My writing partner Moses Port and I were just in the phase of trying to think of a new idea for a TV show. We were talking about our own high school experiences and all the insecurities, anxieties, and nightmare experiences of high school. We were wondering if there was a fresh take on the form of a TV show, a comedy about high school. At the same time, we were talking about the geo political situation of the world at the time, which has gotten worse since then. We first started talking about it in 2005. We also started talking about politics and the giant gap that exists between Americans and really the rest of the world, specifically the Muslim world. In that stew, we sort of came up with the idea for the show.

Check out this interview with the co-creator of the show at immigration prof blog

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