ACTION: Tell Secretary Napolitano that Enough is Enough

So, this is a bit late, but since I was out last week, I didn't get to blog on it. Our partners at America's Voice launched a great campaign to get the Department of Homeland Security to stop the current abuses carried out by our immigration enforcement policies.

Check out the video: [youtube =]

Some of you may have read my recent post about how DHS raids violate not only the Constitution but also the regulations that the Department has created for itself.

While DHS claims that much has changed under the new administration, I don't think they are going far enough. Janet Napolitano needs to step up as the head of DHS and stop the racialized attack on Latinos and immigrants. This isn't just about immigration, this is about the character of our country and our values. Do we want to endorse a program that violates the rights of those the Constitution supposedly protects? Do we want to create communities teeming with fear and distrust of law enforcement agencies who are their to "serve and protect"?

Its finally time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Tell Secretary Janet Napolitano that we need real, comprehensive immigration reform. SIGN THE PETITION HERE.