ACTION: Tell Congress why Citizenship is worth fighting for!

From the Reform Immigration FOR America Blog:

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Each day this week we have featured stories of citizenship, in the lead-up to today's Citizenship Day event. Right now, hundreds of community members and leaders from across the country are meeting in Washington, DC to come together with one united voice for real social change. Immigrants, non-immigrants, young and old, from different backgrounds and races, are coming together to walk the halls of Congress and demand that our elected officials truly represent the voice of the people.

This is citizenship at its purest; civic engagement that works for the improvement of our communities and our country. We have seen the controversy in the health care debate and we have seen immigrants used as scapegoats and political bargaining chips. Today, we want to remind Congress that we are committed to the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. We are committed to fighting for the citizenship of millions of people who live in the shadows of this country while also sustaining and enriching it. Today, we are asking people across the country to tell Congress why citizenship is worth fighting for.

Why are you fighting for citizenship? What does being a citizen mean to you?

We want to lift up your stories, so that Congress has a clear view of why immigration reform is so important to millions of people in this country.

There are three ways to send us your story:

On our blog: You can submit your story as a comment on this post (click here). On Twitter: Please use the #citz hashtag and your story will automatically be submitted. From your cell phone: Text CITIZEN to 69866 and respond to the message you receive with your story of why citizenship is worth fighting for [text CIUDADANO for Spanish]

Today, as we celebrate Citizenship Day, let's make sure we send a message to Congress and the administration; we are committed to the fight for immigration reform because citizenship is the basis of our democracy and the foundation of this country.

To view responses and stories from across the country - click here!

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