ACTION: Support Change to Nevada's Unfair Eviction Laws and Support AB189


Nevada has one of the speediest eviction processes in the US.  Especially in these hard economic times, tenants should be given a reasonable opportunity to get into compliance to avoid eviction or to find substitute housing if evicted.  AB189 is a good bill that would make the eviction process more fair and less biased toward landlords.

Problem: Property managers and landlords are conducting an email campaign opposing AB189 and overwhelming committee members.  We need to get calls and letters pointing out how Nevada's pro-landlord laws hurt low and moderate income people.

Solution: AB189 will be heard this Friday in Assembly Judiciary.  Our lobbyists need your help describing how Nevada's eviction process hurts the working poor.  We'll face a room full of angry landlords, property managers and realtors screaming about these "deadbeats," so action is needed now!

Action Needed: Email the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee below and voice your support for AB189.  If you can testify contact Jon Sasser at or call his office direct line at 775- 785-5722 or cell at 775-745-2215.