ACTION: Project Letters

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While there are lots of petitions, sign-on letters and actions that are in the works to call for immigration reform, I wanted to post about this, because anyone can participate. Just write your letter and send it in.

When? February 12, 2009.

Why? Allow those undocumented Immigrants to surface and assimilate into this great melting pot which will allow us an economic recovery by infusing cash spending into our struggling economy.

What Date? February 12, 2009 is the Bi-Centennial Birth date of Abraham Lincoln.  

Who? All people of all race, creed, color or religion that believe in Immigration Reform or strengthening our economy through the centuries old concept of allowing low skilled labor to flourish and the expansion of minds through educating all youths (undocumented or not). Everyone can send a letter to the President. 

For more information, visit the Project Letters website.