ACTION: Prayer Vigils For Renewal and Action on Immigration

This past week kicked off the Interfaith Immigration Coalition's Prayer for Renewal and Action on Immigration events. Hundreds of communities will be hosting prayer vigils for the protection of immigrant families and the leadership of President Obama and Members of Congress to enact humane immigration reform.  Immigrant families and workers are living in a state of fear, constantly worrying about the next raid that would rip parents and children apart, or how the increasing anti-immigrant sentiment will impact their families.   Now is the time to restore dignity and respect to all families and communities.

prayer vigil

Yesterday a vigil was held in Raleigh, NC. Advocates gathered at the N.C. Conference of the United Methodist Church, called for President Barack Obama and Congress to enact humane immigration reform.


And there was also a vigil in Dallas, TX.


The rally assembled U.S.-born activists with immigrants hailing from such places as Pakistan, Brazil and the Congo to listen to religious music as well as Christian, Muslim and Jewish speakers.

Many cited the election of President Barack Obama, whose father was a Kenyan immigrant, as hope for a change in the approach to immigration legislation. In recent years, there’s been a vocal call among many conservatives to crack down on illegal immigration and have law enforcement work harder to return illegal immigrants to their home countries.

“Taxpayers shouldn’t have to live in fear of being separated from their children,” said Rev. Owen K. Ross, pastor of Christ’s Foundry of the United Methodist Church.

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