ACTION: Help Support the DREAM Act!

dream-act Hi folks, sorry for my brief absense from the blogosphere. But I'm back today and thrilled to post on the introduction of the DREAM Act in Congress last Thursday. The DREAM Act (the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minor Act) would be a huge step towards fixing out broken immigration system.

Right now there are too many undocumented immigrant students who have grown up in America and want nothing more than the opportunity to educate themselves and give back to this country who are being denied their chance. These are kids who did not make the choice to come to this country. From Marissa Graciosa of FIRM:

Every year thousands of undocumented talented high school students face great uncertainty about the future because the country they consider home doesn’t recognize them and closes many doors to them. The DREAM Act would begin unlocking those doors, and allow these future teachers, doctors and community organizers the chance to go to college, work and join the military.

“It’s really unfortunate that Congress has failed to act on such an imperative moral issue for so long. Nothing makes more sense than allowing our young people every opportunity to reach their full potential. It’s a moral failing to continually turn our backs on youngsters who were brought here as children and have done nothing wrong.

The DREAM Act is a solution that truly upholds  American values; hard work and opportunity. Not only is it a fair solution to all students, but it will raise tax revenue and increase the overall educational level of America's workforce. Isn't that something we can all get behind?

Below are five ways you can help support the DREAM Act (hat tip to Kyle at Citizen Orange):

  1. CALL - The National Council of La Raza has a page to help you call your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.
  2. FAX - America's Voice has a page to help you fax your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.
  3. EMAIL - has a page to help you email your congressional representatives in support of the DREAM Act.
  4. PETITION - has the official petition in support of the DREAM Act.
  5. TEXT - Text "Justice" ("Justicia" for Spanish) to 69866 to receive updates on the legislation.  FIRM's Mobile Action Network is an excellent way to stay connected and have maximum impact at just the right moment.