ACTION: Help Support Immigration Reform Today

7FLAG.70385.JPG As most of you already know, the White House is meeting with Congress right now to discuss immigration reform, We need to show a strong movement for reform! Here is how you can help!

(H/T to Jackie @ America's Voice)


  1. Post on twitter: Dear @BarackObama, Plz show us the roadmap for real, comprehensive immigration reform #ri4a
  2. Later, please tweet: Dear @gopconference, Please lead on real, comprehensive immigration reform! No excuses! #Ri4a
  3. And finally, please tweet: Thanks, @SenatorReid for standing up for real immigration reform! Please show us the roadmap! #Ri4a
  4. Please send a fax to key offices:
  5. Please send a fax to your own representatives:

We will be sure to bring you updates coming out of the White House meeting. In the mean time - keep up the great work! The time for immigration reform is NOW, but we must work together to make it a reality.