ACTION: Call NBC and tell the the TRUTH about Joe Arpaio

Recently I posted on the new reality TV show starring none other than our favorite bully Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

This holiday, Fox is turning self-proclaimed “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio into its newest reality television star (as if we needed another one).  ”Smile, You’re Under Arrest” will celebrate an old man on a power trip, with an appalling record of racial profiling and civil rights abuses.

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Well, America's Voice just notified me that Sheriff Joe will be interviewed on Conan O'Brien's show tonight. Please call NBC RIGHT NOW  to tell them the truth about Sheriff Joe, who should be prosecuted for racial profiling of anyone who looks Latino, not glorified on national TV:


Ask to be connected to the Conan Show producers. Say something like this:

"I am horrified that Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a civil rights abuser who has 2,700 lawsuits filed against him, is going to be on the Conan Show."

"I hope that the producers encourage Conan to ask Sheriff Arpaio about his racial profiling of Latino citizens in Arizona."

 We have to let NBC, and Arpaio know, that we will not tolerate hate as a mainstream marketing tool.  Call NBC now - and forward this information to your friends.

For more, check out the post at America's Voice.