Action Alert: Host a Conversation to hold DHS Accountable!

Host a Conversation to Hold Department of Homeland Security Accountable on June 19, 2008

In the name of national security, DHS has adopted practices that routinely violate basic rights of people living in this country, particularly immigrants. It's time to Hold DHS Accountable!   The First Critical Step of the Campaign is Simple: Host a Conversation!

Host a conversation for a Night of 1,000 Conversations to raise awareness and mobilize our communities.   



 On June 19th, people all over the country will engage each other in discussions about the repercussions of DHS violations and generate ideas on actions to help restore accountability to DHS' practices.   It's Simple, Effective and Fun! Get the Tools you need to host your conversation.

Register an event for the Night of 1,000 Conversations on June 19.  Download the toolkit to plan your conversation.  Want tips from people who have hosted conversations in the past?  Join the Preparatory Calls.  Want more information on how to talk about due process violations or how to frame discussions about the campaign to hold DHS accountable? 

To learn more and get involved, sign up at Night of 1,000 Conversations or contact the RWG Regional Coordinators.Night of 1,000 Conversations is a project of Rights Working Group.