Action Alert for Senate Amendment vote on curtailing who is eligible for legalization and more... this afternoon!

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATORS TODAY!!  NEW DETENTION AND RETROACTIVE GROUNDS OF  DEPORTATION PROVISIONS   Senator Cornyn is preparing to submit a deeply problematic amendment which is a hodge podge of detention, due process and deportation issues.  It is likely to come up for a vote today. Please take two minutes NOW to call your Senators and tell them to vote NO on the Cornyn amendment.   You can find your Senators' phone numbers at:   Briefly, the amendment includes provisions that would:   DRAMATICALLY limit who is eligible for the legalization program

It makes anyone who is inadmissible under 212(a) ineligible for the legalization program.  This is virtually the ENTIRE undocumented population.

An individual would be ineligible if unlawfully present in the U.S. for one year or more and subsequently reentered. No waiver is available!  Again, this would impact a HUGE PORTION OF THE UNDOCUMENTED POPULATION.

Dramatically expands deportability grounds to include social security fraud

Because the amendment is retroactive and would apply even to those applying for admission after the date of enactment, the potential exists for people to be charged and convicted upon coming forward to apply for legalization.

Expands Qualifying Crimes for Definition of "Criminal Gang"

Makes aggravated felonies a ground of inadmissibility

It expands the grounds of inadmissibility by including aggravated felonies, crimes related to firearms offenses, and domestic violence.  One of the worst parts of this amendment is that the aggravated felony inadmissibility category is not waivable. Denies lawful permanent residents the opportunity to become U.S. citizens based on secret evidence 

It would give the Attorney General unreviewable discretion to use secret evidence to determine if an alien should be denied citizenship based on national security exclusions. A person applying for naturalization could have her application denied and she would never know the reason for the denial. These provisions are retroactive.   Significantly Expands the class of Aggravated Felony Crimes and MAKES THEM RETROACTIVE

This would include illegal entry and re-entry and a third DUI among others

Attached are talking points with more details about this deeply troubling amendment.