ACTION ALERT: Call your Senator and VOTE YES on HB 4613

HB 4613 just passed the State Senate unanimously! The bill now heads to the House chamber for passage - however - the House has canceled its session for tomorrow. So it would need to go through the House very quickly this afternoon. HB 4613 (which is virtually identical to the original bill, HB 2747) now heads to the House floor. We need a quick and furious round of calls *right away* to all of your State Representatives with a simple message: "Vote YES on HB 4613, the Access to Religious Ministry Bill!" For those reps and staff who ask for more information, please simply tell them that HB 4613 is virtually identical to HB 2747, which the House passed unanimously this May.

Please make these calls immediately to the *Springfield* office of your State Rep (not their district office).

If you do not know who your State Rep is or their number in Springfield, go here

Thank you for making these calls right away! For more information, please contact Salvador Cervantes, ICIRR Senior Organizer at 312-332-7360 x217.