ACT NOW: Humanitarian Crisis in Mississippi

Last week's raid in Mississippi has left hundreds of families in a state of emergency. Mothers have no way of earning an income or feeding their families, some children have been left without caretakers at the start of the school year and hurricane Gustav made landfall yesterday. PLEASE SEND THE FOLLOWING ITEMS OR MONETARY DONATIONS TO: Sacred Heart Catholic Church Father Ken Ramon-Landry 313 Walnut Hattiesburg, MS. 39401

List of items needed NOW: - Diapers from size 1 to size 5, size 3 & 4 are the most requested. - Non-Perishable food items for the Hispanic food palette - Paper products - Over the counter basic medicine; Tylenol for both children & adults, etc. - Monetary donations to cover rent, utilities, food and health expenses - Phone cards to call international : Mexico, Panama, Honduras, the Caribbean Island nations, south America. - Gas cards

Other community needs: (these needs need to be coordinated with the churches) - Volunteers to help in the coming weeks - Medical & Mental Health folks - Translators - Transportation needs - Money to pay legal fees - Money to help those families with American children get passports - Money to sustain those families while they wait for passports - etc.

We as a community are already meeting to strategize later term needs. These are the needs today. PLEASE help, as we prepare for Disaster 2, the Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Please know that any and all Donations will be greatly appreciated.

I want to add my personal Thanks to each and everyone of you in advance.

Carinos Y un Abrazo, Marie Thompson

Sacred Heart Catholic Church Father Ken Ramon-Landry