ACT NOW - Call Rep. Emanuel and Democratic Leadership to Hold Them Accountable to Immigrant Communities

Urgent Action Needed: Call Rep. Emanuel and the Democratic Leadership and Hold Them Accountable to Immigrant Communities

The Washington Times confirmed on Wednesday that Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), part of the Democratic Leadership team and responsible for designing the Democratic Party's electoral strategy in the 2008 elections, said that a comprehensive immigration reform bill will not happen in the first term of a Democratic Presidency, even if there were Democratic majorities in the House and Senate.  To see the article, "Border Reform Not A Priority For Democrats," go to

Rep. Emanuel is making two assumptions that are clear insults to the immigrant community: 1) rather than fight the anti-immigrant and racist resentment apparent in American politics, Democrats should use this resentment for their own advantage (either by pushing enforcement measures of their own, or by doing nothing at all); and 2) immigrants have no where else to go but vote for Democrats.  If Rep. Emanuel's perspective wins in the Democratic Leadership, immigrants will face a punishing environment for at least the next six years!

If the Democratic Party follows Emanuel's advice, Democrats will condemn immigrants to more years of raids, more families being torn apart, more border deaths, more violations of basic civil and human rights and more fear.  Emanuel's statement also provides clear explanation for why anti-immigrant amendments continue to be attached to non-immigrant legislation even though Democrats control the House of Representatives.  What the Democratic Party stands for is at stake.

Call the Democratic Leadership NOW and demand that Rep. Emanuel and the Democratic Party take a stand for immigrant communities.

Rep. Rahm Emanuel: 202-225-4061

Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 202-225-4965

Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: 202-225-4131

If your Representative is a Democrat, call them and demand that they carry the message directly to Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Emanuel themselves. 

Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Talking Point: Now is the time for Democrats to show leadership on immigration reform - now more than ever.  Rep. Emanuel's comments must not reflect the strategy of the Democratic Party; if it does it represents a clear betrayal of immigrant and Latino constituencies.  Democrats much show immigrant and Latino communties - NOW - that Democrats can and will lead on issues that are critical.