A New Day for Immigration - Part 3

waukesha3In Santa Maria, California, activists took to the streets on Wednesday to welcome Barack Obama to office and to call for Just and Humane Immigration Reform now.

Belen Seara executive director of the Pueblo Education Fund says, "We want to see values to come out with a policy that will be fair to immigrants and humane for families that come here looking for a better life."

In Waukesha, WI people gathered Wednesday evening for a prayer vigil for comprehensive immigration reform. sang The prayer vigil was sponsored by SOPHIA, a coalition of Waukesha County church congregations and organizations. Waukesha’s prayer vigil was attended by about three dozen people, some holding signs that read “Immigrants are people!” “Keep families united” and “We are a nation of immigrants.”

jan-21pueblo1In San Antonio, over one dozen immigrant rights groups urged the newly inaugurated Obama to end immigration raids, halt the construction of the U.S.-Mexican border wall along the Texas border and prevent ICE agents from acting with local law enforcement against working immigrants

"They're all ICE policies that are bringing terror in the community," said Luissana Santibanez with the Grassroots Leadership. "People are fearful to walk the streets and they're dividing families, and we just want Obama to follow through."

jan-21racinevdlf1In Racine, WI dozens took to the sidewalks of Racine, WI as Voces de la Frontera and its student chapters Students United in the Struggle (SUITS) and Students United for Immigrant Rights (SUFRIR) rallied outside of Congressman Paul Ryan's office to pressure him for immigration reform in the first 100 days of the new administration.  One of the topics addressed was the DREAM Act.  Gabriela Beltran, student leader of SUFRIR testified, "I am a citizen here in this country, but it hurts me to see so many of my classmates suffering.  They deserve the same opportunities that I have."

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