A Life Changing Day for 8 Kids


By Alex Cirino, age 11

paul ryan

Eight immigrant kids from Wisconsin from the organization Voces de la Frontera drove 18 hours to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C to speak to their Congressional representatives (Sen.Ron Johnson, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Paul Ryan) about why Congress should pass the immigration bill.

These kids’ dads were either already deported back to their country, under threat of deportation or facing an order of deportation,, and now that Father’s Day is coming, they will not have a happy Father’s Day.

During the meetings their emotions and feelings were visible when they told their stories. One of the kids named Rigoberto Alvarado, 15, from Green Bay, said, “I haven’t seen my dad in like two and a half years.” Another kid named Julia Basurto, 12, from Milwaukee, said “I’m scared of my family being deported back.” And another kid named Salvador Rojas, 14, from Milwaukee, said, “I want my future to be here in America.”

The kids don’t want their families deported because the United States is their home. These kids deserve a chance, and I hope that these stories will touch the members of Congress and inspired them to pass a great immigration bill.