A flurry of amendments to S. 1348 today- Guide to amendments - contact your senators!

The amendments likely to be up for debate today include:  a)  SA 1189 (Allard) that would strike from S 1348 the supplemental point system for Z-visa holders.  If passed, this would make it far more difficult for Z-visa holders to qualify under the proposed point system to become legal permanent residents.  Please call your Senators to oppose the Allard amendment.

b) SA 1231 (Durbin) that would make it more difficult for certified employers in areas of relatively high unemployment (more than 7 percent) to hire Y-visa guest workers.

c) SA 1184 (Cornyn) that would expand definitions of aggravated felony, create additional categories of immigrants that would be inadmissable under the Z-visa program, make more immigrants subject to deportation, strengthen provisions related to gang-affiliated individuals, and bars Z-visa waivers for prior removals and document fraud.  Please call your Senator to oppose the Cornyn amendment.

d) SA 1194 (Menendez) that would change the cut off for addressing the family backlog from May 2005 to January 2007 addressing hundreds of thousands of families waiting in backlogs that would have been cut off under the Senate bill as it was proposed.  Please support the Menendez amendment.

e) SA 1166 (Grassley) that would restrict judicial review in the case of visa revocations.  Please oppose the Grassley amendment.

f)  SA 1199 (Dodd) that would increase greencards for the parents of US citizens.  Please support the Dodd amendments.

g) SA 1234/1235 (Sessions) that would deny the earned income tax credit to Z visa holders and to legal immigrants for five years.  Please oppose.

h) SA 1250 (Cornyn) that would require disclosure of information on Z visa applications for criminal investigations.  Please oppose.

i) SA 1191 (Lieberman) that would provide safeguards for asylum seekers and standards for detention.  Please support.

j) SA 1202 (Obama) that would sunset the point system.  Please support.

k) SA 1170 (McConnell) that would require voter identification at the polls.  Please oppose.   - There are a number of bad amendments up today, but the Cornyn amendment in particular would cause huge problems for immigrant communities. Top three worst amendments from this list are Cornyn, Allard and Sessions.   - The most important pro-immigrant amendments FIRM has focused on include the Menendez, Obama and Lieberman amendments. 

PLEASE pass along this call in info: 1-800-417-7666