A Deep Sense of Urgency

On Friday I had the opportunity to attend the House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on the future of undocumented students and the DREAM act. On the first panel, I had the opportunity to witness the testimony of three heroic women fighting for the chance to give back to their country in the face of staggering obstacles. Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Kalaw and Ms. Tran have spent 18-22 years living and loving their home, the US. They were brought to the US as very small children by their parents and they have worked incredibly hard to attain high academic achievement.

Each of these women has a unique desire to give back to our communities, but their promise and potential is being threatened by their lack of legal status. If CIR is not passed soon at least two of these women could potentially be deported within the year.

It is a chilling experience to look someone in the eye who could be your neighor, your friend and who is facing deportation for an act (coming to the US) that was completely out of their control. These women and thousands of students like them are having their lives destroyed - and only the DREAM act can save them. I highly suggest you read the transcript of the hearing in order to fully hear their stories for yourself, along with the outrageous response of House Republicans to this measure.

Keeping Ms. Kalaw, Ms. Tran and Ms. Gonzalez and all the DREAM students like them from being able to better our society is BAD for America. We must hold Republicans to the flame to protect the very values of America that have made us strong.

Read the transcript of the testimony HERE