A Closer Look: Portraits of Immigrants in Los Angeles County

CHIRLA releases

“A Closer Look”

Demographic Profile Listing Facts and Statistics That Refute Stereotypes.

Los Angeles – The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) has released ‘A Closer Look: Portraits of Immigrants in Los Angeles County,” examining the cultural make-up of Los Angeles’ immigrant communities, their economic and social contributions to the county, and the influence such communities have had on the political process.

“We hope that this report counters the negative stereotyping prevalent in today’s immigration discourse.    And we hope that these facts will help to enlighten the debate by serving as a reference point in the future.”  Commented CHIRLA Executive Director Angelica Salas. 

Among other important facts, the report cites that 63% of Los Angeles children belong to immigrant families (while 87% of them are U.S. citizens), that immigrants (including undocumented immigrants) make up over half of the Los Angeles service sector and make up 90% of the county’s’ production or manufacturing workers, and that first-generation immigrants have started at least 22 of Los Angeles’ 100 fastest growing companies. 

Click here and download the attachment to read the full report as a PDF file.