Fair Immigration Reform Movement Hails SCOTUS Decision to Hear Case Involving President Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration

For Immediate Release: Monday, January 19, 2016 Contact:  Carlos Vogel, cvogel@communitychange.org (202) 239-2133

(WASHINGTON)— The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) today hailed the Supreme Court decision to hear the case involving President Obama’s executive actions that would grant administrative relief to millions of immigrant families.

Kica Matos, spokesperson of the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the following statement:

“We are extremely pleased that the Supreme Court has decided to take the case regarding President Obama’s executive actions to extend DACA and implement DAPA. Our families are thrilled the court saw that the lawsuit has been nothing but a thinly veiled attempt by anti-immigrant lawmakers to throw yet another roadblock in their way.”

“President Obama’s deferred action policies are practical, legal and in line with actions taken by other presidents from both parties. His executive actions will transform and improve the lives of millions of people who came to this country in search of a better life. It would create jobs, expand the GDP and add billions to our tax coffers.”

“While the legal battle continues and Republicans wage their anti-­‐immigrant campaign, we must remember that these actions have a real human cost. Millions of families continue to live in legal limbo, in constant fear of separation, and without any certainty as to when they might be able to live without that fear. Five million US citizen children will be directly impacted because their parents won’t be able to come forward for this temporary relief from deportation, support their families and contribute even more to our country.”

““We are confident the Supreme Court will rule in favor of the administration and allow the executive actions to be implemented. “Women won the right to vote, the labor movement built the middle class, people standing up for civil rights ended Jim Crow, LGBT advocates fought and won the fight for marriage equality. Immigrants will continue this fight until we prevail. We will win comprehensive immigration reform for all of the undocumented immigrants waiting to become full-fledged citizens.”



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