147 bodies recovered on AZ border- 33 in June alone

The Coalicion de Derechos Humanos has been a leader for immigrant rights and border rights for decades. In a recent press release they publicized the latest numbers on identified deaths on the border in the last few months- so many more go unfound or injured.

From the release:

Adding to this increasing tragedy are the families who are desperately searching for news of loved ones who attempted to cross the border and have yet to be heard from.  Men, women and children are regularly reported missing to consulate officials and human rights groups, who attempt to search for them in detention centers, hospitals, migrant centers, and medical examiner offices.

“Rarely talked about are the desaparecidos, the people who have gone missing with no clue as to their whereabouts,” says Isabel Garcia of Derechos Humanos.  “The desert is an ultimately unforgiving force, and can completely devour remains within a matter of weeks or even days, given the brutal conditions.  This leaves mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children lost to their families forever, with no hope of ever finding out what became of them.”

BorderFIRM Admin