We seek an awakening of America’s highest ideals of equality and unity. 

The aspiration of America is that all people are created equal and that each of us—no matter the color of our skin or the place of our birth—deserves respect and an opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

Unity Summer is fighting to make that aspiration a reality. The pain and ugliness of our present politics serve as a stark reminder that America is on a journey with many possible destinations. We can do better than to treat people as less than human because of their immigrant roots. The mass incarceration and deportation of families are the antithesis to who we are as a country—and, it is part of an intentional strategy to gain power by dividing people. White against black. Non-immigrant against immigrant. Old against young.

We can and must do better. Together we can achieve an America that treats everyone with respect; an America that keeps mothers with their children and sisters with their brothers. Together we can ensure that everyone thrives.

Together we win.