Change Takes Courage

By 2010, deportations under President Obama had reached record levels: families separated, young people robbed of their future and public safety threatened by a system that is broken.

FIRM’s Change Takes Courage campaign challenged President Obama’s claim that he must enforce the broken immigration law and said to the President, “Yes You Can” make life easier for immigrant families. We aimed to show the President that our communities were counting on him to do the right thing.

FIRM launched the Change Takes Courage campaign the week of March 28th, 2011 with press conferences and releases across the country from FIRM member groups.

The Change Takes Courage Campaign urged President Obama to keep families together by:

  1. Ending the deportations of parents of citizen children, DREAM-eligible youth and military veterans;
  2. Discontinuing ICE programs that undermine the public safety of all communities;
  3. Strengthening protections for all workers.

NY Daily News

President Obama delivers no change, only empty promises

By ALBOR RUIZ | APR 03, 2011

Change Takes Courage.

That is the name of a national campaign launched Thursday to urge President Obama to act decisively to deliver relief to immigrant communities around the country.

"Change takes courage" is also a not-too-subtle message to the President to exercise his leadership and fulfill the promises he made during his initial election campaign. Those promises brought him 67% of the Latino vote.

Organized by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), the campaign has the support of many grassroots organizations across the nation.

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ABOVE: Immigrant families stand with Congressman Luis Gutierrez and five other Members of Congress on March 31, 2011 to call on President Obama to use prosecutorial discretion in the deportation of immigrants in order to stay true to his stated values of keeping families together.

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Immigration group pressures Obama

By JULIE MASON | APR 04, 2011

A coalition of immigration activists and lawmakers has challenged Obama to use his executive powers to change U.S. immigration policy.

The campaign, called Change Takes Courage, will consist of events nationwide, including in Obama’s home state of Hawaii, in the coming months. It was launched a day after the president said he’ll push Congress to pass legislation that will grant citizenship to Latinos in college or the military, but quickly added that he’ll need “a little bit of help” from congressional Republicans.

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