April 2018

The Supreme Court is about to weigh in on Trump’s Muslim ban

"I recall that when he was running for office, during his first press conference, he went out of his way to malign Mexican immigrants. He called them 'rapists' and said that they are 'criminals,' and shortly after that he went on a rampage against Muslims and said that if he were a president, he would impose a complete and total ban against Muslims entering this country. And then after he became president, what was one of the first things that he did? He imposed the first of three travel bans prohibiting Muslims."

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apRIL 2018

¿Cuál sería el papel de la guardia nacional en la frontera con México?

Tsi-tsi-ki Félix habló con Andrew Selee, presidente del Instituto de Política Migratoria, y Sulma Arias del Movimiento por una Reforma Migratoria Justa sobre el papel que jugarán las tropas en la frontera.

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March 2018

Decision To Add Citizenship Question To U.S. Census Draws Concern In Connecticut

There is no question that the citizenship question is anti-immigrant and intended to suppress participation of immigrant families and further drive undocumented immigrants into the shadows.

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MARCH 2018

Senator will introduce bill that would send illegal border crossers immediately back to home country

“Have we really stooped this low? This suggestion is absurd, illogical and cruel – not to mention a waste of resources,” said Kica Matos, director of the Washington, D.C.-based Immigrant and Racial Justice at the Center for Community Change. “Republicans need to focus on making communities safer instead of continuing to tear families apart.”

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December 2017

'Do the right thing': Thousands rally in D.C. for Dream Act to protect young immigrants

“We want them to pass (a DREAM Act) free from any other enforcement provision,” said Kica Matos, spokeswoman for the Fair Immigration Rights Movement and Director of Immigrants and Racial Justice at the Center for Community Change. “We already have enforcement.”

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Septemer 2017

Immigration activists are about to put “everything on the line" for DACA

We had this moment of, ‘What is our last ditch-effort to fight this? What can we do to show we’re putting everything on the line?’

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