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Immigrants in the US Healthcare System: Five Myths That Misinform the American Public


I finally went to see Sicko, the latest Michael Moore film, this week. I was prepared to hate it. I didn’t want another simplistic gimmicky look at a dire issue for America. I was thoroughly surprised. Though he did give a fairly one-sided view of healthcare in Canada, Britain and France- he also provided real, upfront interviews with middle class Americans across the country who are suffering from the worst ailment of all: our US Healthcare system.

Sicko made me want to go out and join the Health Rights Organizing Project and other healthcare rights organizations in demanding a major overhaul of our system!

Sicko does overlook several aspects of our healthcare system, notably the debate over the impact of immigrants on our healthcare system. There are so many myths, lies and rumors that anti-immigrant and uninformed residents use to villianize immigrants within our benefits system- and it is up to us to spread the truth.

Thanks to Henry Fernandez of New Haven, CT for passing along this recent report from the Center for American Progress – Immigrants and the US Healthcare System: Five Myths That Misinform the American Public.

Check it out, tell us what you think.

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