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Pope Francis Asks for Compassion Toward Immigrants

Pope Francis delivered pro-immigrant messages during his first official trip outside Rome as he urged the public to show compassion for immigrants. Pope Francis denounced the “globalization of indifference” to migrants, calling their suffering “a painful thorn in my heart.”

Pope Francis argues that sovereign nations and their citizens have the responsibility to protect those who come to their countries to pursue better lives for their families and themselves. But in the U.S., our current broken immigration system has separated many families.

During his life, Pope Francis has shown great compassion toward immigrants and we should all follow his example.

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Boehner’s Legacy

With the Senate advancing immigration reform, it’s now finally the time for the GOP’s most visible leader, House Speaker John Boehner, to finally lead. This is the focus of an op-ed by Julian Zelizer published by CNN Opinion today.

House Republicans have revealed that some in the GOP are prepared to scuttle the bipartisan deal that has been carefully crafted in the upper chamber. This is an opportunity for Boehner to take action. Boehner generally adopts a model of leadership that has him following the majority of his caucus rather than shaping or leading them. Given his history of “leading from behind” with his own party, Boehner now has a choice between following the decision of some of his GOP cronies and opposing reform, or leading his party from a moral high ground and standing with 11 million immigrant families.

Will Speaker Boehner make a history? Will he be the broker of the most important deal for immigrant families we’ve seen in decades? Or will he stand in the way of reform and put the final nail in his own coffin, dooming his speakership to a footnote in history?


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Update on the Senate Immigration Bill

A growing number of Senate Republicans are supporting the Senate immigration bill with the bill looking like it will get 70 votes. The House is still unpredictable since the lower chamber is expected to exclude the path to citizenship , and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is strongly opposing the Senate bill. Still, a huge margin of victory in the Senate will put enormous pressure on the House to act.


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