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Anti-immigrant, Anti-brown, Anti-black Trump Ascendant on Super Tuesday – Families Prepare to Fight Back

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 1, 2016
CONTACT: Carlos Vogel, (202) 239-2133, cvogel@cccaction.org


(WASHINGTON)–The following statement is from Sulma Arias, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) in response to the results of Super Tuesday primaries.

“In the face of Donald Trump’s victories tonight, our movement stands united and pledges to lock arms with every person in America who believes America is better than this. We harken back to the most important line of a song which once helped bring this country together to end segregation: We Are Not Afraid.

“Trump’s extraordinary bombast throughout the campaign, including calling some Mexican immigrants rapists, urging a ban on Muslims entering the country, calling for the massive deportation of 11 million hardworking immigrants, repealing DACA, ending birthright citizenship, and most recently refusing to disavow the support of David Duke–a white supremacist who once led the Ku Klux Klan–is inspiring immigrant voters, Latinos, African-Americans and justice loving allies in every corner to rise to the challenge of this debate.

“Many in the GOP establishment were squealing in the last days at the prospect of Donald Trump as their nominee. But they have none to blame but themselves. They could have stood up with courage to the worst elements of their base and...


For Immediate Release: Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Contact: Carlos Vogel, cvogel@communitychange.org (202) 460-0713
Leaders Call on President Obama to Stop Raids on Central American Immigrants
(WASHINGTON) —Fourteen people were arrested today in front of the White House as immigrant rights, social justice, and faith groups, along with directly impacted families called on President Obama to stop the raids and deportations of Central American refugees. The raids have already resulted in the death of 83 asylum seekers in 2014, including mothers and their children.
“Look around you, and you will see 83 crosses. These crosses stand for 83 immigrant deaths that took place in 2014. All 83 immigrants came here to escape the terrible violence taking place in their home countries,” said Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) spokesperson Kica Matos. “Instead of welcoming them and giving them the protection that they so desperately needed, our government arrested them, put them in detention centers, and deported them,...

President Obama: How Many More Deaths Will it Take?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, February 22, 2016
CONTACT: Carlos Vogel, (202) 460-0713, cvogel@communitychange.org

The Obama Administration Must Stop the Raids

(WASHINGTON)—Immigrant rights groups, along with faith leaders, allies, and directly impacted families will hold a news conference followed by a peaceful civil disobedience action on Tuesday, February 23 at 11:00 a.m. in front of the White House. Over 20 participants will risk arrest to call on President Obama to stop the raids and deportations of Central American refugees which have already resulted in the death of 83 asylum seekers since 2014, including mothers and their children.

“If this plan continues, President Obama will be responsible for the possible harm or even death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Their blood will be on his hands,” said FIRM spokesperson Kica Matos.

The groups participating include: the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM); We Are CASA, Junta for Progressive Action, Inc, USEU, New Day Christian Church, Connecticut Students for a Dream, Dreamers Mothers in Action, UltraViolet, Center for Community Change, Alianza Americas, The General Board of Church and Society, CARECEN, CISPES, DREAMers of Virginia, Dreamer’s Moms, ActionAid USA, Washington Peace Center, and impacted families.

Endorsing organizations: America’s Voice Education Fund, American Civil Liberties Union, Alianza Americas, Central...

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